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Finding someone to house sit your holiday home while you are hundreds of kilometres away can be a rather daunting task which needs to be carried out cautiously so as to ensure that you make no major mistake on part of your decision. Due to the booming real estate industry of Cape Town and as a result the escalating demand for house sitting services, a large number of companies have established themselves looking to take advantage of this incredible business opportunity to make pots of money. Many of these companies are however just there to make money and do not really concern themselves about taking good and proper care of the holiday homes and property of their clients. As such, to refer back to the comment made earlier regarding choosing the right property management company for you, a home owner needs to differentiate between those companies merely out to make a profit, and those who offer house sitting services because really want to help the holiday home owner.

One of the most outstanding property management companies currently operating in Cape Town is that of Exact Property. They are one of those house sitting companies who do what they do because they really love it and have an innate desire to make the ownership of a holiday home less stressful than it really is. Exact Property is in fact not your average house sitting company. Oh no! They are more like a dream. To put into other words, the house sitting which Exact Property supplies to all owners of holiday homes in Cape Town who request their services is of the highest standard, giving assurance to all that, by having a house sitter like Exact Property, your holiday home will be taken care of as if it were a delicate flower.

The discuss the house sitting services which Exact Property provides, these are the best you will find from any property management company, supplying detailed and personalised holiday home maintenance to satisfy any specific need or request. Some of the house sitting services which Exact Property performs includes the following:

  • Exact Property will provide a centralized billing service whereby, at the Client’s request, they will pay bills and accounts in respect of third parties on behalf of the Client. Exact Property will maintain detailed digital records of all payments made and retain original documents for the Client.
  • Full internal house cleaning and airing – twice per calendar month (fortnightly). Any consumables used are included at no additional charge.
  • Gardening service
  • Exact Property will maintain any swimming pool at the Property. Any parts or consumables supplied are excluded and will be treated as Custom Services.
  • Exact Property will produce and send the Client a report of the status of the Property twice per calendar month. The report shall include digital photos and will highlight any issues the Client may wish addressed or remedied.
  • Exact Property undertakes to visit the Property to examine any issue raised by the Client as soon as practically possible.
  • Key holding service (for home, vehicles, etc.).
  • High-level house and property walk-through (weekly).
  • Exact Property will be in direct contact with the Property’s alarm company. They will be informed immediately should the alarm be activated for whatever reason. Exact Property will perform a simple burglar alarm test fortnightly and report any incidents to the Client.
  • Light bulb, time-switch and plumbing (drains, taps) checks – once per calendar month.
  • Mail collection, processing, filing and forwarding services.
  • Automatic activation / de-activation of newspapers and magazine subscriptions.
  • Electricity requirement management.
  • Proactive notification of home maintenance requirements with quote preparation.

So, if you are looking for a house sitter that you can really and truly rely on, then there is no better property management company to contact than Exact Property. They have the skills and expertise to provide you with the house sitting services you really need and want, giving personal attention to make sure that every detail of your home and property is kept in tip-top shape and in the best condition.

For more information on the services Exact Property provide please contact Magda on +27-(0)72-623-1775

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